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    a win-win cooperation under one belt one road initiative

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           Company chairman, party secretary, general manager Wu Hongtao paid a visit with Malaysian deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zhaxi in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The two sides held friendly talks on future cooperation on November 17, 2017. Party secretary of south China company, general manager Wang Fei, Deputy general manager of south China company, Malaysia Company Manager Zhou Yong and others participated in the negotiation.


    Company chairman Wu Hongtao (fourth from left) and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi (fourth from right) took picture together.


           Company chairman Wu Hongtao shared with deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi a brief introduction to the historical evolution, strength of enterprises, strategies and business of overseas development of China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd. Wu expressed his appreciation to the Malaysian government and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi for supporting the company's business in Malaysia. Leaders attache great importance to the development of overseas markets. As the important overseas market for China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian government will further strengthen cooperation with our company under the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative which can also make new contributions to Malaysia's economic, Wu said.

           Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi highly appreciated the overall power of the company and the development achievements made in Malaysia. He said, Malaysia has a huge demand for infrastructure construction and has promising prospects in the fields of housing, railways, highways and ports. He hopes that both sides will continue to tap the potential and expand scale for cooperation, the Malaysian government will provide necessary support and assistance to Chinese enterprises in conducting business in Malaysia. .


    Company chairman Wu Hongtao encourages overseas front-line employees to “roll up sleeves and go for it!"


          Company chairman, party secretary, general manager Wu Hongtao, deputy general manager Li Jinhong, positive rank researcher Zhang Zhixin and their teams came to Malaysia to inspect the Agile project on November 18, 2017. Wu Hongtao shook hands with first-line employees and encouraged them to remain a tenacious style of work and roll up sleeves to go for it, Let Chinese construction become well-known in the world!


     Corresponding author: Hong Yueke, Song Can, Ba genna