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    • a win-win cooperation under one belt one road initiative


             Company chairman, party secretary, general manager Wu Hongtao paid a visit with Malaysian deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zhaxi in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The two sides held friendly talks on future cooperation on November 17, 2017. Party secretary of south China company, general manager Wang Fei, Deputy general manager of south China company, Malaysia Company Manager Zhou Yong and others participated in the negotiation.


      Company chairman Wu Hongtao (fourth from left) and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi (fourth from right) took picture together.


             Company chairman Wu Hongtao shared with deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi a brief introduction to the historical evolution, strength of enterprises, strategies and business of overseas development of China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd. Wu expressed his appreciation to the Malaysian government and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi for supporting the company's business in Malaysia. Leaders attache great importance to the development of overseas markets. As the important overseas market for China Construction Third Engineering Group Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian government will further strengthen cooperation with our company under the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative which can also make new contributions to Malaysia's economic, Wu said.

             Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zhaxi highly appreciated the overall power of the company and the development achievements made in Malaysia. He said, Malaysia has a huge demand for infrastructure construction and has promising prospects in the fields of housing, railways, highways and ports. He hopes that both sides will continue to tap the potential and expand scale for cooperation, the Malaysian government will provide necessary support and assistance to Chinese enterprises in conducting business in Malaysia. .


      Company chairman Wu Hongtao encourages overseas front-line employees to “roll up sleeves and go for it!"


            Company chairman, party secretary, general manager Wu Hongtao, deputy general manager Li Jinhong, positive rank researcher Zhang Zhixin and their teams came to Malaysia to inspect the Agile project on November 18, 2017. Wu Hongtao shook hands with first-line employees and encouraged them to remain a tenacious style of work and roll up sleeves to go for it, Let Chinese construction become well-known in the world!


       Corresponding author: Hong Yueke, Song Can, Ba genna


    • Chinese company starts building housing project in Maldives


      WUHAN, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- Construction has started on 7,000 affordable houses in Hulhumale, a reclaimed island in Maldives, said China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

      "We have won the contract with our strong design and construction capacity. We also highlighted environmental protection in housing designs and won recognition of local firms," said Li Wenduo, director of the company's design academy.

      In 2013, the first phase of 1,000 housing units were built in Hulhumale, a reclaimed island about 1.3 kilometers north of the capital Male.

      The new project includes 16 high-rise buildings, with a total floor space of 451,900 square meters, the company said.

    • Malacca Impression Theatre Project Roof Steel Structure First Lifting


             (Correspondent Reports By Zhou Liang & Wang Yan Zhen) 27/10/17, As China Construction Company of Malaysia, MALACCA impression theatre roof steel structure first truss lifting, weight of 95 tons, carry out with truss single product longest truss-92 meters, weight of about 160 tons. The use of long over weight steel structure by one-time hoisting technology, domestic rare technical with South East Asia advance technology lifting equipment operations by using 1250 Tons crane, which the only one in southeast Asia.

         Malaysia, Malacca, impression theatre total building area of approximately 69 thousand square meter, which contains of 4 story theatre, 4 story car parking lots, 4 story hostel and 2 story administrative office. Total of 4 monomers buildings. It will become Malacca straights landmark after project completion. The theatre can accommodate 2000 audience to view cadge stage with real performance.

    • China& Pakistan Builders for “One Belt and One Road” celebrate Chinese National Day& Mid-Autumn Festival



          (Correspondent: Zhou Jun  Liu Qing Feng) October 3, 2017 a photo of Pakistani colleagues tasting moon cake went viral on CSCEC Third Bureau WeChat moments. This is the Chinese National Day& Mid-Autumn Festival blessing comes from Pakistan friends of CSCEC Third Bureau PKM project.

          Pakistan PKM project is the flagship project of “One Belt and One Road” strategy, it’s full name is Peshawar-Karachi Motorway Project, south start from the largest Port city Karachi, through Pakistan second largest city Lahore, north end is the northwest frontier city Peshawar. This is the main artery that linking Pakistan south-north economy and national defense. The total length of the motorway (Sukkur-Multan Section) is 392 kilometers, and the contract amount is 2.89 billion USD, which is the largest overseas project in the history of CSCEC. As one of the most important part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the completion of the project will greatly improve the traffic situation of Pakistan most developed and populated area, boost the economic development of Pakistan, and it will also have positive effect for the connectivity among china and Pakistan.   

          During the Chinese National day and Mid-Autumn Festival, to ensure the smooth achieving of project target, CSCEC Third Bureau overseas staffs gave up their home bound vacation and family reunion time, held on duty, took the best effort to promote the project progress. For the oversea staffs spending a warmed Chinese National day and Mid-Autumn Festival, CSCEC Third Bureau First Engineering Corporation have sent moon cakes to PKM project in Pakistan, and opened a special internet line for the oversea staffs taking video call with their family in China.  

          The local Pakistan friends were also impressed by the strong festival atmosphere, plenty of project Pakistani management staffs taken part in this Mid-Autumn Festival celebration activities. First time to see the Chinese traditional food - moon cake, our Pakistani staff felt very curious. Our best English guy Zhang Xiufu take the job of narrator in volunteer to explain the history of this traditional Chinese snack to our Pakistani friends in details. Then they tasted the moon cakes excitingly and thumb up with great praise “very good”. Muhabat had just spent his 25th birthday, he said the Chinese moon cake is more delicious than the birthday cake of Pakistan. What is more surprised for him is there are colorful historical stories for this small moon cake. And he is attracted by the profound Chinese culture deeply, and wanted to learn more about Chinese history and culture. At the end, he also stood in front of the cellphone camera of our Chinese staff, used his broken Chinese gave his best wishes “Happy Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Long Live China and Pakistan Friendship!”

    • It’s the inheritance of love from The Malaysia Forest City Project to The Cheng En Children’s home


               (Correspondent: ShangXu Wang) The Party branch of The Malaysia Country Garden Forest City Project went to the “Cheng En children’s home” with the project management staff in Oct 4, and they sent the National Day and Mid-Autumn festival blessing “Wish you grow up healthily and happily” to the orphanage children.

          It’s the children’s basic necessities of life and education that the project management staff most concern about, and they contribute a lot of goods to the children, such as dining-table, toiletries, edible oil, canned pork, cereals and other living materials. “I hope that our arrival will bring joy and hope to the children, so that they can enjoy the happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.” The Project Manager WenFeng Dai said.

               It is reported that the Party branch of the Country Garden Forest Project regularly organize charity activities,.They usually visit orphans and disables children homes, nursing home and other vulnerable groups and give support and help. CHINA CONSTRUCTION THIRD ENGINEERING GROUP (M) SDN BHD will continue to organize charities to promote the development of overseas charity.

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